Nantyfelin Misty Blue Pottery

Nantyfelin Misty Blue Pottery

"Misty Blue" is a range of traditional studio pottery produced here at Nantyfelin Pottery using a fine terracotta clay. After our pots have been thrown, they are allowed to dry to a leather hard stage when they can then be turned and finished. The pots are then allowed to fully dry over a number of days before they are fired for the first time in the bisque kiln. This first firing drives off impurities and fires the raw clay into a proper ceramic body ready for glazing. The pots are glazed with a with a lead free glaze, before they are returned to the kiln for a final gloss firing. Our "Misty Blue" glaze with all of its wide and interesting variation, is made here in the workshop using our own recipe developed over many years. The pictures are intended for guidance only, as no two pieces are ever identical but this of course is the joy of Studio Pottery.

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