What we make at Nantyfelin

After working almost exclusively in Stoneware for many years we have returned to a previous passion of Earthenware. Our work produced here at Nantyfelin is an exploration into the wide and satisfying colour palate now available to the studio potter.

Rutile Blue Glazed Pottery
At present we are working primarily with red terracotta clay. Our pots are thrown and dried then fired for the first time in the bisque kiln to a temperature of 1000°C. After this first firing the pots are glazed with a specially made rutile glaze. The pots are then returned to the kiln for a final gloss firing. The resulting fired pots have a subtle and varied blue, yellow and white finish.

Under Glaze Sgraffito
Terracotta clay is used again for our under glaze ware. This time however,after the initial making of the pottery, the raw pots are given a covering of white slip which then dries onto the unfired surface of the pots. They are then partly decorated  at this stage before the first bisque firing. Again all decorating is done freehand using our own original designs.  After a first firing the pottery is finished with colour, then clear glazed and fired a second time.

Sgraffito Tile Panels and Coasters
An exciting new development this year is the introduction of our Tile Panels and Tile coasters.

We are always pleased to see visitors to our workshop where you will be able to see our work as it is made.