Poterie de Sanfi

Poterie de SanfiAfter selling up in Cornwall we set off for another much deserved adventure. Having spent many years working seven days a week and twelve hour days it was time for a long sabbatical. We wanted time to paint draw and pot without the constraints a full working pottery presents.

The Aude valley in the Languedoc is famous for it's ceramics and we spent many leisurely hours visiting potteries and talking to potters with many varied styles. We were not very far from the magical medieval city of Carcassonne which never failed to entice a visit with slightest excuse.

The time came to think of returning to Wales and family which were missed in equal measure. After much searching we finally found the smallest bungalow ever built, but there was room to build and so our next potting chapter began at Nantyfelin, Llanfair Clydogau.