Shortly after leaving Stoke-on-Trent College of Art we set up a small studio in the Staffordshire village of Draycott-in-the-Moor.

Here we built our first kiln using discarded fire bricks from the nearby potteries during kiln maintenance.

Early stage of construction of the Kiln fire box showing the fire-bars which were scavenged from  a local scrap yard.Our first kiln

We worked exclusively with earthenware at this time which we found produced some very interesting results in our wood fired kiln. The fly ash deposited from the wood reacted with our glazes to give some unique and satisfying results..

After a couple of years at Draycott we decided to move to Cornwall as at that time it was the Mecca of studio potters.

So after a meeting with the bank manager and an estate agent we were ready for our adventure.

We were the original ‘New Age Travellers’, before ‘New Age Travellers’ were invented. With huge anticipation we set off for Cornwall. All our worldly possessions and our eldest daughter still a baby, in an old second hand J4 Van.

Little did we realise what an adventure it was to be. After working for George Nash at Marazion Pottery for two years, Jamie joined the staff at the Art School attached to Cornwall Technical College. The academic life was not fulfilling and so we were ready to start our own pottery once again. We started to plan the start of Prykernow Pottery which we had up and running within a few months after first converting an old milking shed to our workshop. Later we would acquire Cripplesease Pottery before our two year sabbatical in our French farmhouse in the Languedoc. Then finally the call of home brought us back to Wales

Now at Nantyfelin we are one again discovering the wide colour pallet and special pottery that earthenware can produce.